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Making Money from Data Wrapping: Insights from Product Managers

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Making Money from Data Wrapping: Insights from Product ManagersWixom, Barbara H.
Sch├╝ritz , Ronny
Research BriefingAssessing and Communicating IT Value
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Digital Innovation
Abstract: Product managers increasingly amplify the value of their products by adding analytics-based features and experiences. This phenomenon, called data wrapping, represents one of three key approaches to data monetization. In 2018, MIT CISR collected information from 511 product managers to better understand how to execute lucrative data wrapping efforts. This briefing describes three key activities that distinguish top data wrapping performers: they please customers with useful and engaging wraps; they design features and experiences that anticipate, advise, adapt, and act; and they quantify and monitor financial returns.

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