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Becoming Future Ready Requires Organizational Explosions

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Becoming Future Ready Requires Organizational ExplosionsWeill, Peter
van der Meulen, Nick
Woerner, Stephanie L.
Research BriefingBusiness Agility
Business Models
IT-based Business Transformation
Abstract: Many companies plan to achieve breakthrough performance via digitally enabled business transformation. They are now in the middle of the hard work of execution—implementing the difficult organizational changes needed to succeed. We call these changes “organizational explosions” because that’s what they feel like; they are significant, disruptive changes that affect most of a company’s customers, employees, and partners. In this briefing we share insights from the digital transformation journeys of companies in our research and we describe the four organizational explosions. We also highlight the impressive differences we observed in performance when we grouped these companies by whether they had completed more or less than 50% of their journey.

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