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Blockchain: How to Position Your Company for the Inevitable

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Blockchain: How to Position Your Company for the InevitableLacity, Mary
Moloney, Kate
Ross, Jeanne W.
Research BriefingDigital Innovation
Digitizing Business Processes
IT-based Business Transformation
Abstract: Blockchain applications promise to smooth out the many friction points in today’s business transactions. We don’t doubt blockchain technology’s potential to be transformational, but before it becomes widely applied, technology and business leaders must resolve some rather gnarly issues, including (1) the lack of standards, particularly in data formats and how different types of transactions are defined; (2) immature technology, which currently limits security, capacity, and processing speed; (3) regulatory uncertainty; and even (4) immature and undisciplined internal transaction processing systems that must link seamlessly to blockchain applications. This briefing addresses what companies should be doing now to build blockchain capabilities.

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