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Data-Driven Transformation at Microsoft

Title Author(s) Type Topic(s) Comments Date
Data-Driven Transformation at MicrosoftSomeh , Ida Asadi
Wixom, Barbara H.
Research BriefingBusiness Models
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Design/Management of the IT Unit
IT-based Business Transformation
Digital Innovation
Digitizing Business Processes
The Cloud and Consumerization
Abstract: Data-driven transformation is a do-or-die decision for organizations, with many organizations still failing to successfully transform. To achieve data-driven transformation, a company must establish data-oriented “data communities” and link them with its domain-specific non-data-oriented communities. As the two types of communities connect, they collaborate, transfer knowledge, and change work practices. In this briefing, we propose five connecting structures that link data and non-data communities, and describe how Microsoft Corporation’s IT organization is leveraging these structures to achieve both innovative work practices that produce new value and shared work practices that create scale economies.

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