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To Develop Acceptable Data Use, Build Company Norms

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To Develop Acceptable Data Use, Build Company NormsWixom, Barbara H.
Markus, M. Lynne
Research BriefingIT Governance
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Design/Management of the IT Unit
IT-related Business Risk
Digital Innovation
Abstract: Data use is exploding within organizations—yet most companies still have in place data governance that guides behaviors regarding data at rest, not data in use. MIT CISR research has found that leading companies are introducing man¬agement practices that help them build norms of acceptable data use. These norms guide leaders in developing rules and procedures that reinforce appropriate employee and partner behaviors, which over time shape an acceptable data use culture. This briefing describes IAG’s best practice acceptable data use journey, and introduces five principles to consider when putting in place acceptable data use practices.

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