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BNY Mellon: Redesigning IT for Digital Transformation

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BNY Mellon: Redesigning IT for Digital TransformationRoss, Jeanne W.
Sebastian, Ina
Beath, Cynthia M.
Working PaperDesign/Management of the IT Unit
IT-based Business Transformation
Abstract: BNY Mellon, a 230-year old investment management and financial asset custodian company, embarked on a digital transformation in 2012. The company’s ability to deliver new digital services was dependent on building new technology and business capabilities. A transformation of the IT unit spearheaded the development of these capabilities. This case describes the early stages of the transformation, particularly the redesign of the IT unit and the development of common business services.

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July 6, 2017

The success quoted in the article is an example of how design-thinking, service-oriented delivery and adoption of open-source, high reliable, scale-out technologies, when led by capable leaders, yields tangible results to the organization.

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