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Pathways to Future Ready: The Digital Playbook

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Pathways to Future Ready: The Digital PlaybookWeill, PeterPresentation File12017-03-21

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April 25, 2017

Thanks for sharing this interesting document that completes the previous MIT CISR materials.
First, It confirms what we already knew about operational backbones (previously known as digital platforms): They dramatically reduce the cost to income ratio and above all they are prerequisites for a great digital strategy execution.

Moreover, this presentation mainly focuses on the companies pursuing the customer engagement focused digital strategy. But, what about companies targeting a different value proposition such as Digitized Solutions focused digital strategy ? Are they covered by the statistics shown in the document? if not, can they also be considered as future ready ?

Finally, in my understanding, going through the Operational Excellence axis is equivalent to the going through the Enterprise Architecture journey (“stage 1 – business silos” to “stage 4 – Business modularity”). However this journey is a long one, and can last more than 6 years even for the most disciplined companies. Is it delay worth waiting for ? Specially in the case of a high pace environment such as digitized industries?

Thank you

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