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Is Your Company a Digital Leader or a Digital Laggard?

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Is Your Company a Digital Leader or a Digital Laggard?Weill, Peter
Woerner, Stephanie L.
González, Francisco
Research BriefingIT Governance
Business Models
IT-based Business Transformation
Abstract: A large enterprise can no longer win by being profitable; good profits make you a target in a digital economy. Digitization typically both makes businesses more transparent and lowers switching costs for customers, permitting competitors to target them with better digitally enabled offers. A leader in the digital economy must hit the trifecta: be profitable, and innovative, and deliver great customer experience. Accomplishing the three together creates a source of competitive advantage. That’s why large companies have to change. In this briefing we identify the management practices of digital leaders, illustrated with the digital transformation of a large bank: BBVA Group.

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