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Five Things You Should Know About Cognitive Computing

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Five Things You Should Know About Cognitive ComputingRoss, Jeanne W.
Beath, Cynthia M.
Tarafdar, Monideepa
Research BriefingData Management, Analytics, and Use
Digitizing Business Processes
Abstract: In this briefing, we share results from MIT CISR research on cognitive computing identifying when and how companies get value from cognitive computing applications—and when they do not. In general, companies are reporting success on small, focused learning machine efforts. However, more ambitious efforts appear to be less likely to pay off. We propose an incremental approach to cognitive computing to limit risks and to help people learn when and how to apply machine learning.

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Wilian Tubone
January 9, 2017


March 16, 2017

Very well Summarized and written. Recommended to read.

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