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Winning With IoT: It’s Time to Experiment

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Winning With IoT: It’s Time to ExperimentWixom, Barbara H.Research BriefingBusiness Models
Enterprise Architecture
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
IT-based Business Transformation
Assessing and Communicating IT Value
IT-related Business Risk
Digital Innovation
Digitizing Business Processes
Abstract: The hype on the Internet of Things (IoT) is at its peak; the reality is that most companies today are still in learning mode on IoT. In a recent MIT CISR survey of executives from companies with IoT efforts underway, only about a third of the projects had been deployed. This briefings describes four concerns—security, integration, data ownership, and appropriate data use—that companies must resolve before launch, and how companies are resolving these concerns by means of internal and external relationships. The concerns and relationships are illustrated using the IoT journey at Trinity Health.

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November 17, 2016

Lesson learned:
Strategic experiments like the one at Trinity Health teach organizations how to resolve the four concerns involved in IoT deployment and how the organization needs to change.

Implications for technology providers:
Organizations like Trinity Health are end users of networks and IoT devices. Satisfying their needs is what drives the strategy decisions network and technology providers..

In the short term there is much to do to address the technical skills gap. In the medium term, however, technical skills will increasingly become commoditized.

Value will be created by from organizations that can project not just what technology will be able to do, but how the behavior of end users will change because of it and the domino effect that reaches back along the value chain:

Changes in end user behavior
Changes in organizational structure, priorities, processes
Changes in leadership roles, responsibilities, key metrics

The rise of the Internet of Things is not simply a matter of automating existing processes, but rather creating a ecosystem that supports entirely new ways of working.

November 20, 2016

Thank you for your thoughts. Our research indeed found that business change is a fifth area that organizations need to “resolve” prior to launch. My hope is to create a future briefing solely focused on IoT change because of its importance…

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