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Expanding Digital Innovation at Audi

Title Author(s) Type Topic(s) Comments Date
Expanding Digital Innovation at AudiFonstad, Nils O.
Mocker, Martin
Working PaperEnterprise Architecture
Design/Management of the IT Unit
Digital Innovation
Abstract: In 2016, German car manufacturer the Audi Group (AUDI AG) was working on an expanding array of digital innovations. The goals of these innovations varied, and included strengthening customer- and employee-facing processes, digitally enhancing existing products, and developing new, potentially disruptive business models. Audi’s IT unit was critical to each of these efforts. This case examines the different ways in which digitization can help to enhance and transform an organization’s processes, products, and business models. The case also highlights the challenges that may arise as organizations attempt to expand and diversify their portfolio of digital innovations.

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