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Design Your Platform for Business Unit Agility and Performance

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Design Your Platform for Business Unit Agility and PerformanceReynolds, Peter
Coltman, Tim
Queiroz, Magno
Tallon, Paul
Research BriefingEnterprise Architecture
Business Agility
Operating Model
Abstract: One of the hardest decisions in large organizations is what IT capabilities to share and not to share. Our instincts tell us that sharing or not sharing is a binary decision, and that standardization and agility are contradictory. However, in recent MIT CISR research of over 120 large firms we show that top-performing firms are able to achieve both standardization and agility. These firms leverage their platforms 11% more and report that their BUs have 25% higher agility and 12% higher performance. To achieve this, they 1) select shared IT capabilities that maximize performance, 2) specify how IT capabilities are shared, and 3) state explicitly the business units across which IT capabilities are shared.

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