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Profiting from the Data Deluge

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Profiting from the Data DelugeWixom, Barbara H.
Ross, Jeanne W.
Research BriefingIT Governance
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Design/Management of the IT Unit
IT-based Business Transformation
Assessing and Communicating IT Value
Digital Innovation
Digitizing Business Processes
Abstract: Executives who intend to profit from the data deluge must understand that companies can create direct bottom-line impact from their data in three ways: (1) improving internal business processes and decisions, (2) wrapping information around core products and services, and (3) selling information offerings to new and existing markets. Although companies may choose to pursue multiple approaches, the approaches differ radically in the types of capabilities and commitments they require. This briefing describes improving, wrapping, and selling—and how a firm can generate a return from whatever data initiatives it pursues.

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joan troy
June 22, 2016

This is an excellent article, that provides some excellent examples of the value that data can bring to an organisation. Recommended!

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