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AdJuggler: Using Data Science to Serve the Right Ad at the Right Time

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AdJuggler: Using Data Science to Serve the Right Ad at the Right TimeWixom, Barbara H.
Tallon, Paul
Working PaperBusiness Models
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Digital Innovation
Abstract: The rise of digital advertising has disrupted and transformed the advertising industry, creating opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers of digital ads. AdJuggler, a thirty-person advertising software company, identified an opportunity to monetize remnant or unsold digital ad space. Using data from internal and external sources, AdJuggler created analytical models to establish more accurate pricing for remnant inventory that it sold through a real-time auction mechanism. This case describes how AdJuggler’s efforts to compete within the digital advertising industry led the company to reconsider its technology platform, the talent needed to support and grow its business, and the nature of its customer interactions.

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