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The Digital Workplace Transforming Business: The Case of Deloitte Australia

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The Digital Workplace Transforming Business: The Case of Deloitte AustraliaDery, Kristine
Sebastian, Ina
Ross, Jeanne W.
Research BriefingDigital Innovation
Collaboration and Social Media
Abstract: The Digital Workplace refers to "the physical and cultural arrangements that simplify working life in complex, dynamic, and often unstructured business environments." The case of Deloitte Australia illustrates how four design levers— symbols, space, systems, and social—are being used to fundamentally change the workplace to prepare for the digital economy. Two management levers, sustaining leadership and systemic learning, shift the company from an analogue workplace with digital attributes to a reshaped and dynamic digital workplace.

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August 20, 2015

The articles example of how Deloitte used Symbols as a design lever, didn’t tell me much. Neither could I see an explanation and examples of the Space design lever. And aren’t the “Data, Digital, Design, and Analytics pillars” design levers / considerations as well?

Exploration to me is also a key digital enabler where all staff can look at what other companies are doing and where the digital world is going; to look at threats and opportunities to the business functions that those staff provide. This can then feed into social collaboration and an innovation lab where you can explore new ideas through analytics and process modelling.

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