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Thriving with Digital Disruption: Five Propositions

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Thriving with Digital Disruption: Five PropositionsWeill, Peter
Ross, Jeanne W.
Woerner, Stephanie L.
Research BriefingBusiness Models
Enterprise Architecture
Business Agility
IT-based Business Transformation
Digital Innovation
Abstract: The digital economy is introducing an onslaught of potential—and increasingly required—business changes and is shaking up our assumptions about what it takes to succeed. Most companies are trying, often failing, and sometimes succeeding with new digital strategies. In this briefing we share five propositions about management practice in the digital economy that MIT CISR research suggests are true. But the verdict is still out. We then invite you to join @MIT_CISR and members of the MIT CISR community in debating the propositions on Twitter under the hashtag #FiveProps.

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