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Building Business Agility: Cloud-Based Services and Digitized Platform Maturity

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Building Business Agility: Cloud-Based Services and Digitized Platform MaturityFonstad, Nils O.
Ross, Jeanne W.
Research BriefingEnterprise Architecture
Business Agility
The Cloud and Consumerization
Abstract: The most alluring quality of cloud services is their potential to increase business agility. However, not all firms investing in cloud-based services are competitively agile. What does it take to become more agile using cloud-based services? MIT CISR research found that a mature digitized platform is a critical success factor. This briefing draws on findings from a survey of 300 companies and examples of initiatives at Schneider Electric and Ferrovial to explain how cloud services both depend on and can contribute to a mature digitized platform that enables competitive agility.

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February 24, 2015

Dear Jeanne, dear Nils,

can you please define what you mean with “cloud”? Did your case study companies put the HR data and customer data on a public cloud system?

Kind regards

Nils Fonstad
February 25, 2015

Hi Andrea,
In the survey, cloud-based services were defined broadly as: “Cloud-based services have the following characteristics: pay per use; external resource pooling; rapid scalability; flexibility; and ubiquitous network access. They include software-as-a-service; platform-as-a-service; infrastructure-as-a-service; and business-process-as-a-service.”

At Ferrovial, they use cloud-based services for human resources, purchasing, and office. The data are in a cloud of an external provider, but with access only for Ferrovial – i.e., a private cloud.

I am still finding out what specific kind of arrangement Schneider Electric has.

Thank you for asking!
Kind regards,

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