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Digital Innovation in Emerging Markets: A Case Study of Mobile Money

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Digital Innovation in Emerging Markets: A Case Study of Mobile MoneyOrlikowski, Wanda
Barrett, Michael
Research BriefingGlobalization
Digital Innovation
Abstract: Developing countries are among the fastest-growing economic regions in the world, but they involve considerable volatility and uncertainty. In this briefing, we examine the opportunities and challenges of doing business in emerging markets through the case of Vodafone’s M-PESA mobile money system. We describe how this digital innovation evolved into a highly successful financial service in the Kenyan marketplace, but struggled to achieve similar rapid growth and impact in neighboring Tanzania. Contrasting these two experiences, we argue that a strategy of exploration is more effective than one of replication for leveraging digital innovations in emerging markets.

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Rao Sanagapalli
June 22, 2014

Look like an interesting article

September 17, 2014

Use ideas that will be applied in my business consulting.

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