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Winning the Data Race

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Winning the Data RaceWixom, Barbara H.
Beath, Cynthia M.
Research BriefingSourcing
IT Investment and Portfolio Management
Data Management, Analytics, and Use
Business Agility
Assessing and Communicating IT Value
Abstract: Companies are racing to transform data into insights and then into actions that drive business benefits, but countless obstacles can hamper progress along the way—or even stop efforts completely. MIT CISR research has identified three sets of practices that facilitate movement along the data racetrack: user-centric development, hybrids, and internal marketing. This briefing describes how the big winners will be organizations that adopt these practices while solving specific, important business problems and building capabilities incrementally by circling the track a number of times.

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yuki tanaka
May 12, 2014

Use this file for designing IT portfolio management.

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