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USAA: Capturing Value from Complexity

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USAA: Capturing Value from ComplexityMocker, Martin
Ross, Jeanne W.
Working PaperBusiness Complexity02013-03-22
Abstract: Since its founding in 1922, financial service provider USAA has grown its product portfolio from auto insurance to over one hundred P&C insurance, banking, life insurance, and investment management products. More recently, USAA has also created connections between different products by linking them in integrated services addressing life events. Life events like buying a car or house—or getting married—involve multiple products such as loans and insurance. Introduced in 2010, one of the company’s first integrated services targeted the car buying life event, allowing members to select, buy (at a pre-negotiated price), finance, and insure a car in one seamless process. This case study describes the motivation for and challenge of providing financial products in a more integrated way, as well as how USAA worked towards making this integration a success. USAA found that making its members' lives simpler involved making its own organizational life more complex.

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