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Customer-facing Digitization Creates the Most Value

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Customer-facing Digitization Creates the Most ValueWoerner, Stephanie L.
McDonald, Mark
Weill, Peter
Research BriefingDigitizing Business Processes22012-08-16
Abstract: In this briefing, the authors report survey results on the degree of digitization in companies today. They examined twelve core business processes in three key areas—shared services, operations, and customer-facing—for their degree of digitization and relationship to enterprise performance. Enterprises with digitization of shared services and operations processes in the top 25% did not have higher performance. But enterprises with digitization of customer-facing processes in the top 25% had significantly higher growth. A case study of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. illustrates how digitizing customer-facing processes can automate, integrate, and coordinate the customer experience, which helped Royal Caribbean increase revenue.

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