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Exploiting Five Digital Capabilities to Grow in Asia

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Exploiting Five Digital Capabilities to Grow in AsiaSia, Siew Kien
Soh, Christina
Weill, Peter
Research BriefingIT Governance
Abstract: Asia is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic regions in the world. In this briefing we describe how the top-performing Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) has created a set of five digital capabilities for its strong pan-Asian growth, with an Asian twist. Developing scale and responsive capabilities have required Western management concepts such as enterprise planning, enterprise architecture, metrics, and transparency. However, these concepts have been adapted to meet local needs (e.g., more tolerance of differences and more patience for evolutionary change). Optimization and innovation have required effort to change cultural norms in regards to challenging assumptions and authority. Coordination requires working with an appreciation of cross-cultural sensitivity without losing sight of clear, common goals. This blend is helping DBS meet its goal to be the “Asian Bank of Choice for the New Asia.”

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