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Building a Culture of Evidence-based Management at Foxtel

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Building a Culture of Evidence-based Management at FoxtelReynolds, Peter
Ross, Jeanne W.
Beath, Cynthia M.
Research BriefingData Management, Analytics, and Use
Business Agility
Abstract: Many firms have built digitized platforms, but they are finding that driving superior returns from those platforms is not an easy feat. Research at MIT CISR has found that leveraging a digitized platform requires people to “work smarter.” Working smarter means that people learn to rely on high-quality information and analytics as the basis for their decisions. In this briefing, we show how one firm, Foxtel, has developed an evidence-based management culture at both strategic and operational levels. Starting with a daily executive dashboard and set of firm-wide financial and operating targets, we show four management principles that have allowed Foxtel to develop and preserve this culture: (1) declaring a single source of truth, (2) providing transparency and feedback at all levels of the organization, (3) coaching individuals, and (4) using evidence as the basis for refining business rules. By working smarter, Foxtel has improved performance and increased customer satisfaction while continuously identifying new opportunities for growth moving forward.

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