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Softscaling: Combining Emotion, Optimization, and Data

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Softscaling: Combining Emotion, Optimization, and DataAgarwal, Ritu
Weill, Peter
Research BriefingGlobalization
Digitizing Business Processes
Abstract: The authors have studied how top performing Indian companies succeed in India’s rapidly growing, volatile business environment. They found that the firms had all adopted an approach they call softscaling. Softscaling combines the best features of optimization (e.g., low cost and reliability via Six Sigma approaches, metrics, and rationality) and emotion (e.g., connection to the customer and firm with passion, commitment, and concern). The actions in optimization and emotion are linked together by data-informed empathy grounded in data analytics. In this briefing, the softscaling approach and how it enabled these firms to exploit emerging market opportunities and grow in a highly unstable, resource-constrained setting is described.

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June 14, 2012

useful article

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