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Leveraging Social Media for Customer Engagement: An Experiment at BT

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Leveraging Social Media for Customer Engagement: An Experiment at BTOrlikowski, WandaResearch BriefingCollaboration and Social Media52010-04-15

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April 15, 2010

What social media experiments have been successful at your firm?

April 16, 2010

“Social Media” is the buzz word around the world to get in touch with friends. Having said, the trend is sliding towards marketing products and gaining customers loyalty.

Atleat 1 in 4 internet users have either a account in Facebook,Linkedin, Twitter or Youtube, which are changing the face of service industries in the internet world.

Personally, I would like to search for a product on the internet and go through the review before I buy.

I feel excited about this trend of “customer service through social media”, I have heard organisation restricting its employees accessing social media sites, but to me it is turning out to be a very good one shop point for all our marketing needs with products and services

To conclude, not many organisations have stepped into the world of social media.

My questions will be around social media service center:
– what will be the service level agreement set for users ?
– How secure is the customer information over the social media

– Prithvi

May 17, 2010

Hi there,

to answer Prithvi’s questions :

– This will vary according to your community and business, and the elements of the customer experience that you are seeking to reinforce surrounding your brand. At BT we attempt to respond as quickly as possible during the day, but this response is bounded by the resources that are allocated to the social media queues using our resourcing formulas on the same basis as other channels.

– We request that customer information is not passed via social media, instead we ask customers to send our social media teams information over email to our secure servers. This is because the social media sites may be hosted in another country that has data protection laws that are incompatible with the laws in our territory and these sites could become a significant pool of data about our customers without us having a means to alert them that this would be the case.

October 4, 2010

Facebook has access to millions of customer metrics in terms of activities, interests and more. They must use this information to improve the interactions between their customers and the businesses trying to advertise.

miha uratnk
August 18, 2011

Hi !

I am doing a research in social media and service innovation where customers’ plays a role too. Therefore, let me know when the results will be available to read!


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